Gravure Support Dynamic Tolerance Control

Dynamic Tolerance Control

You can make the production of Gravure Cylinders more Predictable and Consistent, by using DTC with all Engraving Machines of any brand or age

The latest generation Engraving Machines use 3D (Volume Oriented) Cell Measuring, CellEye and Amplifier Tweaking to compensate tolerances

Instead, DTC uses Machine Profiling, 2D Cell Measuring and the Stylus in its actual state, the single most common cause of unwanted print tolerances

In an iPad App, the operator collects the data for each cylinder:

  • the Engraving Machine selected
  • the Engrave Head selected
  • the Job to engrave
  • the 2D measured test cut Cell Sizes
  • the actual calculated or measured Stylus Angle
  • Cell Quality Rating to identify a chipped and worn stylus
  • Copper Conductivity as a measure for engravable copper

The DTC Server then calculates and applies the optimisation, after which the operator can start production like normal

Same Perfect Cylinders, Different Method

The aim is to make cylinders that all print the same way, without changing anything in the press

DTC upgraded Engravers and 3D measuring Engravers are using different methods for evaluating and compensating Cell Volume, and you can't measure or see the difference in the cylinders or on the press. The only difference is the much smaller price tag for DTC

Engravers with DTC

  • Engraving Machines are profiled for Amplifiers and Gradations, and so are Engrave Heads at time of installation or after hardware changes
  • The Stylus Angle is either calculated using the recorded engraving life time of a stylus, or more accurately, measured on a Stylus Inspection Device
  • DTC is a Client-Server application
    • One iPad as Client is carried from one Engraver to the next by the Operators, and
    • One DTC Server in your server room, running Linux, holding all job data in a DataBase, rendering the optimisation, printing the Cylinder Certificate, and connected to your file server like HelioDisk, Collage, DLManager, GravoComplete or others

Where a modern Engraving Machine needs a CellEye or similar option with hardware and software, DTC optimises the Engraving TIFF file without making any changes to the Engraving Machines

Engravers with Volume Oriented Engraving

  • Each Machine needs a CellEye (in case of Hell engravers)
  • One Hell SprintEasy per site is needed to measure the Stylus Angle and record it in each Engrave Head


Your investment in Engraving Machines is protected, you don't need to replace them for reasons of quality, consistency and predictability DTC can be used on any existing Engraver.


For the approximate cost of a mid-range car, you have DTC on all Engraving Machines on site

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