Virtualized DTG
We specialise in the DTG engraving machine, a Helioklischograph with DTG controls and amplifiers.
This engraving machine is an extremely reliable work horse that always delivers the best possible quality gravure, especially when operated with DLManager or GravoComplete (Packaging) or Impose2 (Publication) PrePress applications.
Modern engravers may be faster and more automated, but the much cheaper 'Old Faithful' DTG engraver reliably delivers great quality, year after year at very low maintenance costs.
With our DTC option added, you can expect the same predictability as from a modern Engraver with CellEye or Volume Test Cuts

Hardware availability and vDTG
All parts of the DTG engraving amplifier are available and will be for many years, with one exception; the DTG computers. To solve that issue, we developed a fix: vDTG, Virtualised embedded DTG computers, replacing the DTG computer(s) in packaging- and publication- engraving machines.
One vDTG server replaces all DTG computers of an engraving machine. All other electronics in DTG remain unchanged.

A one-minute movie about vDTG in Publication Gravure.

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