About me

Jan Voerman
My name is Jan Voerman.
I have been working in the Offset and Gravure Industry as a system integrator for many years.
During that time I had the opportunity to assist customers, and support systems all over the world, in Packaging Gravure Service companies, and at Magazine Gravure Printers.
Perhaps you know some of my customers; Amcor, Nampak, CTP Gravure, Novus Printing, Helio Asia, EFFE Printing, Gerosa, Interprint, Huhtamaki. Janoschka, Saueressig, Lamigraf, Sagawa, SGS, Tipoplastika, PrintForum and more.
The experiences in so many different companies gave me good insight in the challenges of the process.
That is why we develop applications like DTC, DHC and vDTG to optimise your gravure quality and keep the older engraving machines going.
Why don't you drop me a mail or call me on +31 646 333 222 to find out if I can help in any way.

Jan Voerman
Email jan@gravuresupport.com
Phone +31 646 333 222

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